Houston- Who Has Bought an Investment Property in 2020?

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I'm curious who has bought an investment property in Houston this year.  Where did you find your property and how did you finance it?

Hi Turner, I bought during Covid in March. I was still in the option period on March 11, and chose to close because it was too good of a deal to pass up, regardless. This one was owner financing. Found it on the MLS and offered 80% of asking.

@Turner Wright have been buying every month this year, all of them are not from MLS and/or from any realtor. all from wholesellers via private funds aka cash close (later refi). I had to be very flexible in terms of location to push those volumes.

Full disclaimer : wholesellers ARV/Cost are 100% wrong and 100% of the time. One of them managed to pull a fraud sales on me this year (another story for another day) but i still find better deals from that community compare to realtors and/or MLS. On the flip side I love my realtors when it comes to sell via MLS .

How is your deal flow ?