Non-conventional Sources of Financing

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Hi guys, 

I just finished reading Brandon Turner's "The Book on Rental Property Investing". What a game changer! I'm super pumped and ready to create wealth by investing in rental properties. 

Although I was born in the US, I've lived in other countries almost all my life and have never really worked in the US. I moved to Miami about a year a half ago, and I'm renting an apartment here. I've decided to sell a home that I own abroad to put the proceeds towards a down payment for a duplex so I can get my feet wet in real estate investment through house hacking.

The major issue I'm encountering is that because I'm a 1099, banks require 2 consecutive years of tax returns evidencing income for a conventional loan. I wouldn't be able to provide that for another year and a half, but since I plan to be in my new home when my lease expires in May, that's not an option for me.

I would really appreciate some advice on the types of lenders out there that work with people in situations like mine. I've heard that mortgage brokers may be an avenue, but would love to hear about any other avenues that I could look into.


Miami, FL