Any success with tax deed investing?

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What has been your experience winning property through tax deed investing? Are they worth the time and energy? I understand the previous property owner can pay back the city/county and you not get the property.

It depends on the state-every one is different.  In Texas, you buy the property at the tax sale and the previous owner can redeem it-buy it back but must pay you what your costs were plus a penalty fee of 25% if in the first year and 50% if in the second year.  Obviously there is a lot more to it but that is just a quick reply.

@Juan David Maldonado I think it is worth it. 
But you have to take the time to study and understand the rules at your State. Like @Arnie Abramson mentioned, every state has a different rule. To invest - or not - in tax deeds will depend if these rules, and the numbers, fit your investment criteria. 

If you think about Texas, reach out to @Arnie Abramson and @Bruce Lynn . They are some of the most knowledgeable people in that field that I know.