Does any experts think the real estate values will skyrocket with the arrival of casino? I am thinking about the North Fork Rancheria Casino in Central CA on Hwy 99, north of Madera, CA. It just got approved by the California Supreme court in Sept 2020. People around me (non RE people), are saying Meh! But I am saying WOW!!! It's going to explode. Right? This may seem obvious for the experts, but I have never bought RE near casino before.

There is one particular parcel I am drooling on. It's a 15.7 acre land on Ave 18, Madera, smack wedged betweeen the casino and Freewat 99. OMG! I want this land so bad. 

Am I right? or, am I crazy? Thanks for your input in advance. Thank goodness for bigger pockets all these years. I am trully grateful is an understatement.