Building or buying a House on the Oregon Coast?

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Hello Oregon BP people. I'm looking at houses on the Oregon Coast to buy as a vacation rental, but I'm also interested in building as there are some spectacular lots that are reasonably priced. If anyone can refer agents/builders that have expertise developing lots on the north coast (between Lincoln City and Cannon Beach) I would very much appreciate it. Cheers!

Hello Roland, my team and my primary focus in on vacation rental real estate on the Oregon Coast between Newport and Seaside. Bare land can look like a great deal, but with development fees and materials costs being excessive right now it is often much more economical on the OR. Coast to find an existing home that works as a vacation rental. We can schedule a time to have an in depth conversation if you think that would be helpful.

I'm also interested in building as there are some spectacular lots that are reasonably priced.

Go to the govt planner and ask them how much it'll cost to build where you want.  They may make you pay for a lot of entitlements (like if there's septic there already).

I’m on the Texas coast by Galveston, TX. I initially wanted to build on the coast.  If you find some land already developed, that may help with the costs of adding utilities and hassles with city planning departments.  However, double check the costs of windstorm and flood — both ate into my monthly cash flow and I decided not to go there until I have a stronger portfolio 

Who did you speak to? We have investors daily flocking to the island. I actually have a lot, worn architectural plans for sale in an up and coming area on the island. 

Ins can vary depending on if you spoke with a reputable party that knows the island.

My real estate brokerage specializes in vacation rental purchase and management. My husband is a contractor as well. We also own a cleaning company that focuses on vacation rentals.

The beach is open 365 days a year with an awesome climate. It’s in the 70s today and was in the 80s last week. 

We would be happy to help you when you are ready. 

Hi Christina! I have been using an agent with Better Homes; but haven't been able to find a better home (lol);-) Let's connect! I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts regarding Galveston homes. 956-451=4423. I'm specifically looking for a MF house hack, <$250, home built after 1980 would be good (but I know that's difficult to find), only cosmetic repairs