Fannie Mae Owned Property not listed How to buy?

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I've identified a property (forclosed then failed to sell at auction)  currently owned by Fannie Mae according to the tax records.  It is not listed on the Fannie Mae website.  I also read they only accept offers from Fannie Mae approved agents.  How would you go about:

1. Locating an agent approved by them.

2. Purchasing the property they have not listed (on their site)

@Justin Juhan

Just wait.... Now that its an REO, it take time before Fannie Mae will list with one of their approved listing broker/agents. I've seen it anywhere from 2 months to over a year. Sometimes its because they are cleaning up the place. Lately they have been fixing up the place. More than likely they are cleaning up Title. Also, they could just be pushing their own paperwork around...