Pre-Purchase Inspections - Tenant not co-operating

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The owner has never seen inside Unit 2 and I need to get a plumber and electrician inside to check things before I sign a contract.  We are not using realtors.  This is an off market property.  Unit 1 and 3 were pretty rough.  Unit 2 could be a Taj Mahal but nobody knows.  When I came by w/ the plumber he said "could not check, they were eating dinner".  He did say he works a rotating shift.  I do believe he and his wife and 2 daughters live there.  The owner is very concerned about "upsetting the tenants" they have been there for 10 years and he has not raised rent and they are worried I will raise rent.  Also, the owner is foreign with broken English and difficult to communicate with and thinks i'm going to run his tenants / friends off.

I would tell the seller that you're reducing your offer by the amount of a full repipe and rewire, because you have to assume the unit you can't see is as bad, if not worse, than the units you could see. That will probably get the seller to be more proactive in getting access to the property.

This sounds like a pain in the neck to get through the process of buying, but it'll also be a pain in the neck for other people, so hopefully that'll work to your advantage and discourage others from putting in any offers at all.  

It will probably also prove difficult to get the leases and the estoppel agreements as well so you should probably start early on those.  Again, if you don't get those, you can just assume that the tenants paid 2 months' rent as a deposit that will have to be returned, so you can reduce that from your offer and then they'll probably appear quickly.