Lead Generation FB Page??

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I'm a real estate investor in a small city in the midwest. I keep seeing these "we buy houses" flyers and yardsigns around, and know these are wholesalers who are looking for people who want to sell in a hurry...

I'm just wondering if anyone has tried running FB Ads and driving the traffic to a FB Page for "I Buy Homes In Smallsville". Somehow we need to capture the lead info and then do some follow up. Again, just wondering if anyone has tried this and what kind of results one would expect?

Might be possible to do this even without an external website.. 

Not sure how to target people, but ideally would be looking for people who just inherited a house they don't want in a city they don't live in... I know you can do some pretty advanced targeting on FB, but of course you can't get quite that detailed. 

HI @Mark Hall , welcome back to the BP Forums!  

This is a clever idea, though one that will be very difficult to execute.  The thing that will make it nearly impossible to pull of with any level of mass deployment is this:  the target -- facebook-savvy people who have inherited property they don't want in a city they don't live in -- has no congregation points. 

If you can find congregation points (say, a high school they went to plus some other factors?) then it may be possible, but it's going to require some mental gymnastics to be sure.

I haven't run any FB ads in like a decade but I am more concerned right now about setting up the page and the lead capture funnel.

A lazy targeting would be people who are homeowners and live in that zip code. Maybe target older users as they are more likely to  be sitting on a paid for property with deferred maintenance and just want out.

Something more advanced might be someone who likes the local high school or is "from" Smallville or has recently liked a local funeral home. I know that sounds a little morbid but it's just the first idea that popped into my head.