How can i warn other Landlords

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Is there a site where i can warn other landlords of a really bad tenant?  I can't take her to small claims cause she disappeared,  at least that would have been on her credit report.   Any ideas... i hate to see her get away with this.  Not only did ***  destroy the home but Stoled my garage door and refrigerator.  

And I forgot to mention.  You can still take her to small claims court using her last address.  If she doesn’t show up you’ll win.  With that you can hire a collection agency for 30% of the amount.

Originally posted by @Savannah Sarullo :

Yes Michael, i received the call from my property manager, when they met the sheriff at the house, that she did leave and she took my new roll up 2 car garage door. Im guessing she sold it. Do not rent to ****.

OK might help if you tell the audience what city..  I mean how is anyone to know without knowing locations.

dead beat tenants rarely live outside of a 10 mile radius their entire lives.. Also what type of asset class was this.

is it a C D high yield on paper  or just a one off A B tenant doing this to you..  there is good education for those looking to invest to understand real risks and proforma data that does not match the risk profile of the tenant base.


@Savannah Sarullo I understand your frustration, but I just want to inform you as a moderator that this is not the platform to name tenants you have had trouble with. 

Stealing a garage door and refrigerator is likely felony theft. You should be filing a police report. There are skip tracing services that can locate people. Assuming you properly screened her and have valid name, birth date and social security number, you will be able to locate her. 

Where there any warning signs on her credit report, criminal background check or when you contacted previous references? I am wondering were there any warning signs?