Beginner to Section 8 housing

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Why pay cash when you can make more a greater return in borrowed money than it costs you?

I’ve had many section 8 tenants over the years.  You can charge market rent, you get part of the rent early in the month, housing authorities will be your advocate with a bad tenant, and it will be more management intensive.

@Jenee Tarpy I have a portfolio of Section 8 properties and love it.  I echo what Mark said above generally.

Given the current economic situation, I think Section 8 is absolutely the way to go in B-, C and D neighborhoods. The best way to succeed is to learn the local processes for yoru Housing Authority and learn how to maximize them. This includes rent increases, tenant lease compliance, good standing certifications, etc. If you do that, you can be successful with it.

Feel free to contact me if I can help further.