Journey to financial independence

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This is my first post. I am a realtor and investor in DFW area. I have done over 100 transactions helping clients and also accumulated 5 rental properties as passive income. Would like to buy small commercial properties to add value. Look for out of business churches, grocery stores and so on. Also would like to connect with like mind investors to master mind , analyze deals and encourage each other. 

Thank you! 

Fang Underhill 

Hey Fang, You are already ahead of a lot of people who start on here at BiggerPockets. This is a community full of people always looking to help each other out and become more successful together so you are in the right place! Surround yourself with people who have the same goals as you and your wealth will grow exponentially.

Congrats on your success Fang! There's quite a bit of newbies on BP so your insight and knowledge of the DFW community would be invaluable. That's a great way to expand your network and exchange tips on how we can grow the business and investments. 

Congratulations on your success @Fang Underhill You are in the right place! I have been hunting for a large enough complex in either the DFW, TX area or the Tampa, FL area in the 100 unit range. Since you are a local agent keep me in mind as you are building your empire! I would love to partner up!

Cheers To Your Success!