Destin / Miramar Beach Short Term Rentals

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Welcome to the area! I just got in the game myself in Destin with a 4 bed SFH that we plan to convert next year.

@Matt "Roar" Gardner is also a good friend of mine who is killing it down here. He’s been a wealth of knowledge for me and my family thus far.

Are you local or out of town?

@James Byrd - Thanks for the shout out.  Apparently, BiggerPockets thought I was self-promoting and removed my post 🙄 lol  -- Definitely wasn't my intent. 

@Neil S. - I have STRs, a real estate agent team, and run a local meetup, which I always advertise on BiggerPockets. What are the basics numbers and projections for the property that you're about to purchase? I hope you crush it!!

@Neil S. Hello Neil! I just got started out in Destin myself! Have a single STR unit in Destin. Just got my foot in the door but looking to learn and acquire more STR properties in the future! Would be more than happy to connect!

Just finished my first flip in Crestview!-more success than I could have imagined!.. worked with two people from @Matt 'Roar' Gardner team!  Cassie and Charlie... 

It is a great area.  I personally have long term rentals in Fort Walton Beach that have done amazing.  It is also an amazing place to spend summers.  I highly recommend visiting crab Island when you get a chance.