I was in the middle of closing a deal and found out the title has some issue. Thanks BP family's help and advice. I want to summarize some red flags to watch out when you are buying a house (also I want to record this for my future reference).

1) Big lender does not want to lend without reason. Quicken loan is always my lender and they provided me with a pre-approved letter too. This time, when I gave them the house address I was going to purchase and they said they would not provide a loan for this house. I asked why. They did not give me a clear reason.

2) Big insurance company does not want to insure. I always use liberty mutual and this time when they put the house data into their system, their system does not allow them to insure. I asked why and also the why is not clear. 

3) Seller counter offered me by changing closing attorney. When I put my offer in, on my offer it contains the closing attorney I chose. The seller counter offered me with an attorney they chose. I was ok with that. Now, I realize this is a red flag too.

4) Seller tried to change the closing attorney he picked originally before the closing without giving me a clear reason. This is SUPER BIG RED flag. Something is definitely going wrong here. You have to follow up with the original attorney and get your legal advice to follow up the reason. 

Any other red flags you want to add?