Xpress Loans 911 scammers do not inquire with this Company

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I also applied for a mortgage, they wanted 995.00 up front. It says the Company is from NC, they are not. I always do a scam check on a website called Scam experts. They check out your inquiry and tell you what they find.

Its a total scam. They are using US numbers but they are fake. They will not close and when you do not complete the payment they will call from everywhere. One comes from Florida. The Company also hides where their domain is located.


you also cannot get a refund. I blocked these individuals because not only do they continue to call they will put their owners on the phone, they can be very convincing but they will not do anything for you but take your money!  I can send anyone my scam checkers findings if you want the information. Its a free service but if you want you can donate $1. I have used this site before and they are right on target.

best of luck.

Thanks for sharing, did you end up paying the $995 upfront. Next time they call, ask them to call right back on your office line, and give them your lawyers number or police station.