Single family homes

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I find tenants enjoy SFH compared to multi-unit apartments. At the same time each door is at a different location compared to a multi unit dwelling with duplicated services for heat, electrical services and so on. I have personally done many SFH investments, but may be looking to go into the apartment building direction for scaling purposes. At the same time I'm seeing the cost per door in a muti-unit building are just expensive if not more compared to a SFH. This may just be a function of the market on Long Island.

Hey @Jesse Collins

Big questions with a myriad of possible answers depending on investment style.  I will kick off this convo with one word Scale.

One Pro to SFR investing is the scale of liquidity it provides me. I can find them easily and sell them easily. The market for a SFR is massive and it make it easy to get out of. Financing is easy.

One Con to SFR investing is the inability to scale under one roof. One roof means one tenant. One rent check. If it's empty the rent is zero. If the roof goes, it is one tenant's rent paying to fix it. Etc.

I am looking forward to seeing other responses!