"newbie" questions...... Getting back in!

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I have owned rental property in the past as well as flipped a couple.  Its been a while and I'm ready to jump back in!  I've been listening to a lot of podcasts from Bigger Pockets, Rookie, etc...  I know that some of these people do not want to give away their secrets but I have jotted down a few questions that I haven't really heard anyone explain.  Thank you in advance for any responses...

1.) As far as flipping properties as your job and business (Meaning you do not have a W2 job, flipping is your job) are you guys paying capital gains on each property since it is technically your income coming in?  

2.)In regards to raising capital to scale your business I have heard people saying they have multiple people putting money into a "fund" to allow them to use that money to buy and fix up more properties. How are these multiple investors paid on their money? If it all goes into one big "account" to be used to buy and fix, how are they getting their % on the portion they have invested? I guess for example if I have 10 people that all invest their money for me to use to fix and flip, how are they individually getting their ROI based on the amount they put in? Are they paid monthly or yearly?

3.) In regards to sending out direct mail/letters to obtain more properties.  If you are mailing up to 7 times to the same owners, as these owners call and a deal gets worked out, is their a way to then take them off the list?  

Again thank you for any responses.  Sorry for the long post. 

@Blaine Cox , I haven't raised capital myself, so I'll leave it up to someone else to answer question #2. 

1) Amanda Han has a good blog post about taxes related to flipping: https://www.biggerpockets.com/...

3) You'll have to update the list yourself or hire someone to do it. Whether you use a spreadsheet or a CRM, somehow you're going to have to manage what has happened in the interaction. DealMachine is a lead manager I've used and it allows you to make notes on properties and set the status.