How much to clean this shithole? (1/2 joking but also serious)

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So I'm looking at a house that needs a lot of cleaning. See pics of before, after, and side by side.

I'm told the house has been vacant for a while (2 years) and its being offered for sale ~$100k. Comps show sales around $170k and rental comps around $1300/mo.

edit bonus kicker....I just found out a homeless guy was murdered in there after squatters got into a fight.

curious what you think this would cost to clean up?

I see cat piss and turds, damage to roof and gutters, yard work, etc.

3BR, 2Ba


June 2013 listed for $120k

Feb 2014 sold for $100k

2020 taxes assessed @ $120k

last month, house across street under contract for $180k (2000sf, 3/2)

several other comps in the $170k-$190k

median rental comps @ $1300

I bought house in WAY WORSE shape. Here is what I did: 1. rent ONE dumpster cost in Orange County CA $600 2. go to Home Depot or your nearby lumberyard and hire two guys who each have a pickup truck. 3. Offer them $25 an hour for the come and see what your plan is. 4. Allow them to take away everything, they must take everything and not put in the dumpster, they will try and take the decent furniture first but have them take all the filth first directly to the dump, they can sell the rest, maybe even allow garage sale on that long driveway. 5. now you got the smelly stuff out pay them $200 to scrub every surface to your satisfaction, and put carpet or whatever remains in the dumpster. Cost $1000 with beach and rags and mops. Now lock this house up like Fort Knox and get someone to stay there the squatters will return in a day. Assign your new "superintendent' as the super for the house- meets the painter, meets the electrician, the new heater guy, the roofer... Superintendent is paid on move out - do not let super put a fridge or appliances in until your real tenants move in - the squatters will return to steal them as well