Florida market connections

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Hey everyone!

I'm 31 and living in Colorado currently, I am wanting to connect with some people in the Florida Market. I currently have one rental here in Colorado which has been doing great but prices have gone through the roof for buying anything new at the moment.

I am looking at Multifamily and also BRRRR single family homes.

I am planning a trip to Florida in the next month or so and would love some pointers in what areas I might start looking. 

Thank you guys!

SW FL is a popular area. I invest mostly in Cape Coral. I am in the process of opening a brokerage in Naples. 

Hello @Danny Steinweg ,

Yes, Florida is a big state and you will find a lot of great options. I'm obviously a big fan of investing in Cape Coral and the surrounding area. I recently helped a 19 year old buy his first investment so I'm confident that you can be successful here too. - Let me know if you had any questions!

I’m also in the South Florida area as well, I am a first time investor looking to house hack and connect with experienced investors!

I’d be looking at a tri/quad plex and have been searching but in general just need help running numbers.

Also saw some real estate agents on here, I went ahead and connected with you, but I am in need of an agent as well!

Thanks in advance and always looking to connect and learn as much as possible!