Looking to buy a MFH in Staten Island or New Jersey

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Looking to buy a MFH in New Jersey like jersey city or Staten Island . Seen a 4 plex for 750k and another in Staten Island for 850. Both have good cap rate and fully occupied. Just wondering if anyone had expo eve in both cities and which experience you had better. I live in Brooklyn ny so I am fairly close to both. Thanks for any insight

@Danny Lee I invest in Staten Island almost exclusively, can’t really speak to NJ. One thing I believe is investing in NYC is stable as far as market dips and other adverse market effects. Regardless of what people say about nyc regulations I’ve had nothing but success investing here. Also our value in Staten Island are exploding year to year. I’m a realtor in Staten Island and I keep track of the market everyday, Staten Island is up about 9% ytd. Let me know if you have any questions.

@Danny Lee

Are you planning to live in the home in JC and do you need to commute to Manhattan ? Seems about equidistant from Brooklyn but if you need to be close to or foresee yourself needing to be close to another location that can be a factor too.