Expanding my business into Missouri

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Hi BP,

I am a multifamily real estate investor in the state of Illinois. The majority of my properties are right across the river from St. Louis in the Madison County, IL area. I'd like to start expanding my business over to Missouri. Are there any real estate brokers/investors that would be interested in having a conversation/network? I'd like to start in areas on the outskirts of STL such as... Clayton, Kirkwood, Ballin, St. Charles, Chesterfield, O'Fallon, and wouldn't be opposed to going as far as Columbia and Kansas City. Please let me know if interested. Thank you!

I live in Arnold and have a cousin that is selling his multi family properties. At least he was contemplating it. I 

am a wholesaler but just got off a webinar about investing in Multi family properties. What are your plans for Missouri?

Hello Stephen!

I had some rentals on the MO side of the river and pondered growth to the Illinois side. I drove across the river a few times and looked at some houses.... after a few trips (and a lot of hours), I pondered why it made sense to look so far away from my target area. In hindsight, I'm grateful I did not make the move into Illinois. The efficiency lost by spreading out wide and far geographically wouldn't have worked for me.

What makes you want to expand geographically so far beyond where you're at? 

Don't get me wrong - I'm not trying to be a dream crusher.... perhaps there's a good fit for you where there wasn't one for me! 

Best of luck!

@Vince Mayer - I am familiar with Arnold. What type of Multi's does your cousin have? 

With me living in Illinois, I am going to need some type of management, boots on the ground, or tenant who watches over the place. Therefore, I am looking for something bigger, anywhere between 20-50 units.