Networking to expand my business to nearby Midwest states

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I am a Multifamily real estate investor in the St. Louis area (across the river on the IL side). I am wanting to try and work my way to start investing around my nearby states (Missouri, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee). I am just a little worried about the direction Illinois is heading towards as far as crime rate, taxes, people moving from the state, etc. My goal is to network with other investors, brokers, agents in search to find great assets in these certain states. Please reach out if you are interested! Thanks

@Stephen Jones

Hey, Stephen! Smart of you to gage the environment and seek other options that make sense for you. Saint Louis is a great area to look at, so that makes a lot of sense considering you’re so close by.

I just bought a duplex in South City and it’s really working out for me. I would love to hear about what you’re leaning towards for your next purchase. Feel free to DM me so we can ping some ideas around!

Hey @Stephen Jones i'm a Property Manager in St. Louis, Missouri. St. Louis has opportunity for many different investing strategies. If you're ever interested in hearing more about our market feel free to send me a PM.