New Sources for RE Leads

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Hey BP Community,

I haven't been on in a while, but here is my basic issue that needs a solution. Long story short, I quit my job 5 years ago and starting investing full time. Found most of my leads through direct mail campaigns. A couple years in, I teamed up with some other investors and we turned our attention foreclosure auctions which we had great success in. Now, with COVID in play, the courts are shut down, there's the moratorium on foreclosures/evictions, and I've gone back to mailing with little success. I suspect with companies like Offerpad and OpenDoor, many sellers are going that direction (which wasn't a thing 5 years ago) to sell their homes. 

So, where are you finding your leads/properties? What strategies (seller/creative financing, lease options, mobile homes, cash, etc.) are working for you? More focused on flipping, but I would also take more rental properties to add to my current portfolio or really any deal/strategy that make sense. Let me know your thoughts! Thanks Alaina

Direct mail always wins over time and technology. Now, I find the more personalized you make your letters and tailor them to the owner and all the info you can drudge up, the closer you are to a real conversation which is closer to a deal. Most people just spray and pray and that's not going to get it done when sellers all think their houses are worth the Zestimate they stare at all night.