Greetings good people,

Another "How would you invest the money?" question.

Cash reserves for investment $60k

Pre-approved loan amount: $400K

My situation: Currently renting and looking to buy something that will be my primary residence and hopefully also a rental situation. Average market value in my smaller western WA town: $350k. Sales and rental market extremely difficult with much competition and inflated numbers for both sales and rentals. I'm considering building an ADU on the property, or renting space for a tiny home or two, etc. Actual multi-families are basically non-existent. My primary residence requirements are not much; a small and simple fixer is what I'm hoping for.

From an investment/ cash flow perspective how would you spend the above amount of $ given also wanting to satisfy the primary residence requirement?

Any thoughts, inside or outside the box, would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!