Texas (Dallas/Austin) Professional Teams for RE Investment

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Hi BP investors, 

I am a foreign investor (Canadian) looking to invest specifically in Texas, likely starting from Dallas given my partners are more familiar in the area. We're looking to buy-rent-hold the property as long term investment, but of course are open to thoughts to invest the region.  

As a first-time US RE investor, I am looking to build a professional team/network in the region, specifically Dallas/Austin. Could someone kindly introduce any great professionals that you've personally worked with for my partners and I to have a chat with? Specifically: 

a. Accountant - ie. regarding LLC structure, tax flow through rate, non resident withholdings, potential tax savings structures, capital gains...etc. hopefully with experience planning for cross border tax

b. Property management cos - ie. interested in rental info, vacancy rates of various counties etc. 

c. Realtors - ie. hopefully specializing in investment properties

d. Mortgage advisors/private lenders - ie. specifically partial partners as foreign investors..

I'm sure we'll hop on back with a ton more questions, but many thanks ahead of time for your comments and kind referrals!




Hi there! I provide a boutique financial strategy firm that involves LLC formation, partnerships, tax consulting, and have the other connections in property management, brokerage and perform financial analysis on potential properties. PM me and we can visit about it.

Good luck! 

If you're interested in investing in Dallas, having a local team in place can be one of the most important factors in making sure your rental property is profitable.

Having worked with Steve Rozenberg, Bigger Pockets contributor, professional real estate investor, and Head of Investment Education at Mynd Management, I've learned that not having a local team can be one of the biggest drains on investors' return on investment.

There are some great ways to source a local team. I'm happy to tell you more if you're interested.

Hi @C. Wei , I am a foreign investor too (Hong Kong). I invested in Texas, buy-rent-hold properties as long term investment. I started in the Dallas/Atlanta/Phoenix area in 2014 and bought more there. You can DM me and we can discuss the experience, which was good.

Hi @C. Wei , I am a foreign investor and my focus is in Texas too. I mainly invest in Tax Sales. 

I can recommend you @Bruce Lynn , he is a very knowledgeable Broker in the Dallas area (he is also a very experienced RE investor). 

If you want to learn more about the area that I invest in (tax sales) feel free to ask me anything you would like to know. Also, follow @Arnie Abramson he is "the guy" in that field.

Good luck with your investments.