Quick Proof of Funds needed $2k-Help

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Looking to place a bid in for a single family home in Victorville, CA today to BRRRR. Seller/REA is requiring proof of funds today. Have $1k in bank however need to show a total of $3k to secure the bid. Any suggestions if family and friends are tapped out?

Will hard money lenders lend such a low amount for less than 1 week?

 Looking to show funds in the account and then transfer back via wire transfer within 2 days. 



I assume it’s too late to fix funds today (your deadline)

Maybe next time credit card cash advance, car title loan, payday advance loan, sell something(s), or  retirement account withdrawal. But in reality you really don’t want to buy a house if you don’t have $5-$10k in available funds minimum. You’ll blow through too many for sure costs like inspections, escrows, and appraisals before you get to the surprise costs/repairs/security deposits.