analyzing calculator if planning hard money then refinancing

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Hey all!

I'm trying to use the BP analyzing calculator accurately but finding the finance section difficult.

I'd need a hard money lender at first because I am not eligible right now for conventional. However, I want to be able to see if this duplex is a good deal as long as I refinance in 2 years for a conventional loan (I say two years because i'll need to prove income for 2 years before being eligible - at least that's what I've been told and read)

Does anyone know how or what to put in the rental calculator if you're going to finance one way but then switch to another method of financing?

When I put numbers for a hard money lender (ex. 12% interest, 2-4 points, 65% LTV (35% down payment), 30 yr loan)

I get very different numbers than if I put a conventional (4% interest, 0-1 point, 25% down payment, 30 yr loan)

I wish there was a way to put in the hard money numbers for 2 years and conventional for the following 28 years.

Because of this I can't tell if the duplex is going to be a good deal in both cash flow and COC return.

Any insight?