How do I make offers to motivated sellers

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I'm just getting started. A lot of the things I watch and read talk about making many offers. What is the best way to make offers. I'm pretty sure that if the property is listed by a realtor, they would handle the offer and contract, but what if I'm marketing to motivated sellers that aren't working with an agent, and I want to shoot them an offer? How do I do this? Do I send some kind of letter of intent? Do I use my own contract and fill out a contract each time an offer is made?

If anyone can clear this stuff up for me I would appreciate it.

Hello Brian. There are plenty of forms that you can find online. You'd need a purchase and sale contract for the state of California, with a clause that allows you to assign the contract. I could help you with a standard contract but since you're in CA it might be different there so I would message a wholesaler in CA.