Selling agent / Previous owner property manager disaster

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We finally closed on a duplex in Taos, NM at the start of Feb 2021.  We had some inspection issues work built into the final deal- the seller said they would fix them (rather than accept a lower price).  They were mostly minor repairs like replacing a cracked window, some heater thermostat repair, etc.  My broker told me that the selling agent, who was also the property manager, reported that all the work was done.  I assumed my broker would then verify this, but she later said she thought I would.  I'm out of state and I hadn't signed a contract with a property manager and relied on my broker who told me things were reportedly fixed. A few weeks after we close my PM is dealing with one tenant who is in process of moving out and she complains that the baseboard never got fixed.  My PM finds the electrician that the old PM/selling agent used and found out, one, he is not an electrician, and two he was just told to go look at it and not to fix it.  My PM goes back after checking in with me and finds none of the work was done as was promised by the seller and also the keys he was given by selling old PM do not work.  I don't want to fix anything until we give the seller/Old PM a chance to respond, but I need to fill the unit with as one tenant is just moving out. 

What are my options with the old PM/selling agent?  Should I go after my broker?  She has not been the most helpful through all of this.  All of the repairs may cost (at most) $3000.

You shouldn't have closed if the repairs were not completed. The time for it to be an issue has passed. Get it fixed and move on.