To re-roof or not...

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BP Pals,

Have any of you chosen to not put on a new roof of a property you've purchased?  I have a property that I'm flipping and it has a three-tab on it but there aren't any leaks anywhere in the house.  It's a pretty complicated roofline and think it's going to cost me a bit to re-roof it.  Any thoughts on this?


@Christine Snyder Welcome! I would get a roof cert in your area. In California we do a roof certification form a licensed roofer. Very basic but a good thing to have on file and the cost is nominal. If the roof is a major color eye sore that may be another story. If you are in a hot market such as California I wouldn't bother replacing or even consider replacing unless faulty. Check the local permit office and see when the last time the roof was done if possible. Good luck and keep us posted.

@Christine Snyder , I rarely reroof houses, but certainly have.  As noted, if it is an eye sore from a design perspective or will be flagged and kill the deal in inspection, reroof.  If it is generally fine and with reasonable life left, leave it.

Roofs, mechanicals, etc are the deal killers in inspections.  I only replace roofs if it is going to likely kill a deal.

@Theresa Harris - not sure how old it is yet.  I just purchased the property.  Guessing 10-15 years but hard to tell.  Thinking in the 9-10,000 range due to the complexity of the roofline.  Lots of additions to the property.