How to contact owner of abandoned property?

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Hey people,

Quick question for you all. So its a really nice property right around the corner from where I am renting from and its been abandoned for some time now. I just looked at the property from the outside yesterday and noticed it had a sign on the door that said available with a phone number attached. I tried calling that number and the phone was disconnected- it was also an out of state number. 

How would you guys go about trying to hunt down the owner of this property and making a possible deal?

Any suggestions?

@Danni Green   You can usually get owner contact info from your county assessor's office.  You have two cities listed in your profile, so I'm not sure which county you're actually in and referring to.

However, I just did some quick research and here are the county assessor's websites for both of your listed cities where you can run the address and pull up the property owner's name & mailing address:

Lake County Indiana Assessor's parcel search page

Allen County Indiana property records search page