Boots on the Ground in Springfield, MO

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Hey BP team - I'm looking for multifamily properties in Springfield, Missouri. I'd like to connect with someone in the area and talk about my plans. Do you think this is a good city to invest in? The median income level seems lower than others similar cities in Missouri. Do you think this is a problem?

Springfield? That's where the Simpsons live? I heard it has nuclear waste a three-eyed fish. 😂

OK. Seriously.

A couple of weeks ago, I compiled a list from Listsource of cash buyers in states that Uhaul said people were moving to the most.

Missouri was #4-5.

Then cross referenced that with Zillow to see if the zip codes that:

  • Less the $330K
  • Had increased in value the past year
  • Are projected to increase in value this year

I'm 95% sure that I saw Springfield on the list.

Stay Awesome!