Just looking at several indicators, we're seeing low inventory across the board, inflation around the corner, interest rates staying low, people going back to work... I'm sure there are other factors at play but it looks like everything is pointing towards further increasing home prices with no real reason for it to come down. If I had to take a stab at it, I'd predict the middle class is going to get priced out of homeownership. Not totally... but if you're a first time home buyer, moving because of a job, etc. you're going to have a tough time. 

My sister, who is already a homeowner, is going through this right now. Have to relocate because of a job change, nothing for sale on the traditional market, pretty much getting forced into a rental where her equity is going to get quickly leached off. 

As investors we can find the off market deals, get some cheaper prices, get creative for deals, use the equity/cash flow/private lenders we already have to get more deals... so I'm not really feeling bad for investors, I'll keep finding and buyer off market deals. I just wonder how this is going to affect the middle class.

What do ya'll think? (please no political comments)