Sell my property - FSBo or conventional way

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Are you saying your realtor wants to buy it and you would do it off market? Typically if a realtor wants to buy it they will know the market and will want a discount from what they could get in the market. That being said if you are good with the price they want and it takes the hassle out of it for you it can be a good thing. In general stats show that listing with an agent will net you more profit but sometimes that is not always the only factor to consider. 

@Antoine Rogers , other than their up front Deposit, is it fair to say that as your own Financer, you'd be settling for less monthly income on average than you are at present? 

If so, what's your incentive for selling? (ie. Not hard to guess your Manager's motive).

ie. What am I missing?  Welcome to BP.  Good luck...

[Btw, how much Deposit would you be agreeing to? (Should be at least 15%)].

Hey @Antoine Rogers

Have you considered a flat fee MLS listing? There are brokerages throughout most markets that will allow you to list your property on the MLS for a flat fee, $500 for instance at my brokerage in Charleston, SC. This gives the property exposure to thousands of potential buyer's who can reach out to you directly to negotiate a deal. With as hot as the market is in general right now, I'd consider giving that a shot unless you need to sell it urgently and are agreeable to the realtor's offer.

The best case situation is selling to the realtor off market, provided the price is fair market. I just saw a realtor owned property listed on my MLS for $900K and looking at the sales history, the bought if off market for $600K a month ago. Fair to say that person would have been better off listing with a realtor. Have 2-3 other realtors give you a market analysis telling you what they would sell the house for. Keep in mind if you list with a realtor, you have around 6% selling fees. That means you can give your realtor a little discount and still turn out better.

Originally posted by @Antoine Rogers :

@Brent Coombs selling because I’m currently in the military and want to purchase a home in Washington which I can’t becuase of debt income and try to free up the va benifts.

Usually when folk do FSBO, I thought it's (usually) because they're selling to a Buyer who doesn't qualify for a normal mortgage, but wish to pay the Owner monthly instead. But in this case, is your Realtor intending to close in full at the normal time, in normal fashion, per normal sale?

In which case, yes, just check with different Realtors as to good market price, and then, no need to give your Realtor more than 5% discount.  Cheers...