Coaching program recommendation

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@Maximiliano Rodriguez you mention that you are looking for a coaching program for an intermediate level. What do you mean by “intermediate level?” Do you already have several properties but you are looking to scale into a specific niche such as multi family or mobile home parks or short term rentals? Or do you mean something else?

Shiloh, thanks for the question. On the market there a full variety of programs that covers wholesale, flip, Airbnb, rents BRRRR, commercial, condos, land, etc. each of these strategies bring their own complexity. Some will not be recommended for beginners; I think. Programs goes from 40 hours to 1 year. Cost fluctuates from $100 to $60,000 or maybe more with a for life membership. All proven systems. So the challenge is; how to navigate and select the best system that adapt my needs without making making a costly mistake and/or wasting my time? Currently my fundamental challenge is to find deals (flips and/or rent). A personal recommendation / feedback can help.

What kind of coaching program are you looking for? More of a 1-on-1 or are you ok with being on bigger groups that provides education?

I've gone through a 1-on-1 coaching program that helped me to BRRRR in Kansas City from out of state (living in Hawaii). To me, it was helpful not only because of the education, but from the weekly accountability and being able to leverage their relationship to build a team. Let me know if yo have questions!