Where to invest in Dominican Republic

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@Florsabel De La Rosa

Punta Cana gets two thirds of the country's tourism but most tourists go there for the all-inclusive resorts so you have pros and cons and a lot of the money has already been made there.

I prefer the North Coast indeed  and specifically Las Terrenas and the Samana Peninsula. @Robert Brown personally I'd avoid Sosua, as it's a destination for sex tourism.

There is also Santo Domingo, which attracts business travellers as well and the nearby beach city of Juan Dolio.

I've Heard that about Sosua and especially Puerto Plata. I've never been to the Northern Coast.  My goal is to find places with a range of 30-45 minutes of an airport. The reason behind it being when large corporations finally figure out their work from home strategy (like the one I work for), there is going to be a large amount of gringos flocking to somewhere warmer within a short distance of and airport. It's already happening and all the crap going on within the USA helps for motivation. 

I really like Puerto Rico for this reason as well, but not on the topic of DR.  

@Robert Brown

@Florsabel De La Rosa

The "sex tourism" tinted places are 1) Boca Chica and 2) Sosua. I wouldn't put Puerto Plata in that category though.

Robert, you're absolutely right in your thinking and there. This "not that big country" actually has 7 International airports. What I particularly like about Las Terrenas and the Samana Peninsula is that there is a new international airport there and there's new motorway from Santo Domingo through Santo Domingo airport who cut the travel time in two (2.5 hours from the capital and 2 hours from the airport). So there's a clear path of progress there. The number of flights to the new airport (Samana El-Catey) is obviously still limited but those who don't have a direct flight can fly direct to Santo Domingo and take that motorway. Also, what isn't very well known is that a large number of Dominicans living in the country (especially the capital) aren't poor as the Dominican economy has been booming over the last 20 years. They're an important clientele for short-term rentals so being easily accessible from the capital by road is a big plus.

If you exclude Mexico as a Caribbean destination, the Dominican Republic is by far the number 1 tourism destination in the Caribbean and that's unlikely to change anytime soon. It should have been Puerto Rico since it's part of the US and Americans don't need a passport to get there. Sadly, while the government of Puerto Rico is quasi bankrupt and therefore has little money to promote tourism or invest in the necessary tourism infrastructure, the Dominican Republic is constantly investing large amounts of money in those two areas. This situation has been going on for decades and is unlikely to change. I'm not sure about you but a broke government is almost always a deal breaker for me when it comes to investing in real estate.

Finally, while Puerto Rico has had its fair share of devastation from hurricanes and Haiti from earthquakes, the Dominican Republic has been mostly escaping from both (yet all good construction there is hurricane- and earthquake-resistant).

Las terrenas, although on the new highway it’s about an hour and half or so from Santo Domingo airport. But very beautiful and relaxing , nice beaches. Cabarete is cool but if you’re into kitesurfing, and past the block on the strip it’s not developed back there. Sosua is for sex . Río San Juan is nice a bit up from cabarete also and Cabrera also but las terrenas is where it’s at for rentals and peace and tranquility . Although in cabarete you can also rent out to the surfers comming in but not in demand all

Season or as much as cabarete. My familys

From Santiago btw.