How to get a referral fee of sending buyers

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Hey everyone, I have a system that can generate qualified buyers for homes in about 15 metro areas across the US. Is there a way to set up an agreement with a brokerage or an agent where I send them these buyers, they then help the buyers find a home and when the transaction closes then I get a referral fee. Please advise. 

@Natassia Watson   I think you're barking up the wrong tree.  Buyers are a dime a dozen.  Slap a real estate sign on your car and drive down the street with a butterfly net.  It'll be full of buyers before you get around the block.

That's because with only a few local exceptions, it has been a seller's market for the last several years, meaning that there are more buyers than houses.

Generating a list of buyers is not the problem agents are facing around the country.  Instead it's SELLERS that agents need - and there is no end of companies who generate and sell seller (and buyer) leads to agents.  Zillow, Trulia and Realtor are the big three, and there are dozens (maybe hundreds) of others. 

The other problem you have is that in most (maybe all) states, it is illegal for a licensed person to pay fees to unlicensed persons.  I know that seems silly - just like it seems silly that an agent can't be paid a referral fee for sending buyers to a lender, title company or attorney.  But that's the way the laws are written.

It seems that you're pretty motivated to do something in real estate.  You might consider getting your license.  I did it in two states and it was incredibly easy.