Negotiating Price after inspection on As Is Home

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Hello Im buying a property in cash for $87k and asking was $83.5k even though property is selling As-is and its not contingent on inspection I was still able to do one and found  that the unit its about to go out, the roof will need replacing very soon 1 to 2 years left on it and roof has a leak... anyways I'm not sure if I can still negotiate on the price since the lady has dementia and its not willing to fix anything thats why she selling as is... I dont want to burden her and Im willing to fix this problems but it would be ideal if I could get the property in at least 5k to 3k on the price..

thanks for everything 

If you're asking if you can negotiate the price or the work, the answer is depends on the seller. The home I live in now I bought as is, as a short sale. I offered more than asking and asked for some repairs, but it was a flat out no-negotiations, As Is sale. It was a good deal so I took it.