Florida Keys (Marathon) Househacking/Investing

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Hi everyone! I am newer to the real estate market (4 doors) and live in Utah. I hate the winter here, and absolutely love the florida keys, specifically Marathon. I am looking to use my VA home loan this year, and would love to score a 2-4 unit in Marathon that I could live in for about a year, rent out the additional units, then only reside there from Jan-April each year.

From what I've researched, I should be able to obtain VA financing on a 4plex for about $1.1m, 3plex for $900k, and 2plex for $700k. I like the idea of long term renting the additional units to help DTI for future purchases, but also like the short term rental side for higher income. I would plan on using professional mgmt either way I choose.

My timeline is aiming for about August 2021, and will have my realtor license by then. I would love to hear some general advice and feedback from anyone who has experience in Marathon with rentals and would be happy to connect with any professionals out there to add to my network.