Cleveland Mixed Use Property Sales

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Looking to see if anyone has recommendations for sales agents in the area, I'm going to put my building up on the market and I'm in contact with a realtor now, but they seem to be a little less than motivated. Would love some input on people with experience in this field and discussion on what a realistic price point would be. Thanks all!

Just like other commercial property, mixed use buildings trade on cap rates. Depends on the location, rents, NOI. There are a bunch of agents on here that know investment real estate and can help out with valuation. Will need more info to assess.

Some general info to consider.

- Buyers don't like retail right now, you'll find a mixed use building trading for less than a true residential apartment building.

- There's usually not many concentrated comps for mixed use in Cleveland. An appraiser may use "comps" from 5 miles away as that might be the nearest recently sold comparable building. This could be a good or a bad thing depending on your property location.