What Do I Write on Direct Mail Marketing Campaign?

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I'm new to the world of real estate investing and plan on looking for other ways to find deals besides using the MLS system. I've heard about the great deals I can get through the use of direct mail campaigning, but I don't have experience in real estate investing yet and don't know what to include in my campaign. Is it okay to call myself an investor if I haven't done any deals yet?

I’m considering writing: Hi my name is Lauren, and I am a local real estate investor. I’m interested in buying your house. Please call me at my phone number (000-000-xxxx), I look forward to chatting. P.S I will most likely buy the house regardless of any problems it may have. Please call me. Thanks 

Anyone have any recommendations?

Hey @Lauren Rautio It might help to seem add something like the property address that you want to buy. Also add the type of property you want: "I am a local real estate investor who focuses on XYZ properties." Feel free to message me if you need help creating lists.