Finding Off-Market Deals

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Hey BP!

Aspiring investor in the Hartford CT market here. I wanted to post in hopes that some seasoned investors can share their stories or tips as to how to find deals before they hit the big listing sites like Zillow, Redfin, Trulia, etc... I've had a few experiences where I tour a property within 24 hours of it being listed on Zillow only to find out that someone else is already in there with an offer. I've heard from some sources that it can really come down to networking or even driving streets to look for "For sale by owner" signs and approaching sellers that way. If anybody has experience or tricks that might be helpful, please share! Any advice or lessons learned would be appreciated!

Also, anybody in the Hartford real estate community, would love to connect.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Brent - Welcome! I am in no way an experienced investor but a great book to read is Brandon Turners' Rental Property Investing - He goes through 6 or 7 strategies of finding a deal. I "drive for dollars" to look for any house that looks abandoned/neglected. I'll take pictures and mail a handwritten a note to with a picture of the house to the owner and ask if they're ready to sell. Brandon goes through the scripts and techniques in more detail in the book. 

Best of luck!