Advice please to getting property information

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Hi @David Langford , welcome to the biggerpockets forums!

In general I'd recommend riding free until the wheels come off.  Local county assessors offices have property owner information and most of them are accessible online for free or a small fee.  Once you have the owner's name and mailing address you can hop over onto Google and take that a step or two further.

I agree with Will at first free is the way to go for sure. Once you have a budget for it Propstream is a good website to look up the owners of the properties names and see the home values in the area.from there i would use a skip trace site such as "REIskip" to find the Phone numbers and e-mails of the owners you've found. I'm sure theres tons of other sites out that do the same things as the two I mentioned it just depends on exactlyhow much you would like to spend