What sign are you waiting for? Invest in Magic City Florida!

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Miami (Magic City) Florida is booming. I keep hearing investors on BiggerPockets decry the 'cashflow is just not there' in South Florida, and yet investors I meet every week talk about their big wins down here. What's the deal? Are you the type that said 20 years ago, "San Francisco is just too expensive and the cashflow ain't right." Avoid kicking yourself in the future, and take a day to examine Miami.

Miami is having its Roaring Twenties, right now! As with San Francisco, it is A City like No Other, and nothing is slowing down. As a local Miami Beach Realtor who has lived and traveled around America, and internationally, I offer my perspective on a city I genuinely want you to come check out. As an American, it excites me to say there is at least one place in this country where the American Dream is alive and very well. My family and friends cannot say this of California, as they have mostly moved out of the Golden State for greener pastures.

Miami is everything it used to be, only cleaner and better. Allow me to list some indicators to a strong future:

Look, we all know these days you can find statistics to make anything look good. So get on a plane, and fly down here yourself. In fact, I am starting 'Miami Investor Tours by Wild Coast' (my company), providing an 'inside look' to why South Florida will dominate the next 5 years of city growth. Fully customized 2 night, 3 full day trips into the Life of Miami. Connect with me for more info. More details to come...

So wake up and smell the Cortadito. Miami is the 'next best thing' to invest your future in, or at least the next 5 years.

@Jean Rychlik You got it Jean! Let's connect over a cortadito in Miami, and we can chat about it. My wife is from here, but I am a recent pandemic transplant who brings a lot of energy to an already energetic place! Would love to hear about your farm area here too.