Baltimore BRRRR In 2021?

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Its certainly possible, but the deals aren't a dime-a-dozen like they used to be. If you're looking in the city then check out neighborhoods with ARVs in the high-100's like Northwood or  Ednor Gardens. In the county I focus on the Southeast communities of Dundalk, Essex, Middle River.

Totally agreed with Joe Norman, they definitely still exist, but there's lots of competition. Are you having trouble finding properties that will cash flow well, or finding properties that will allow you to get all of your money out? If you want to PM me, I'm happy to talk numbers.

Thanks for the feedback. 

Yes recouping and still having it cashflow positive. I can't find any deals so figured I would ask :) 

Finding "deals" isn't hard but finding ones that  have numbers that make sense seems impossible.