Modular Duplexes...pros vs cons?

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Hello BP,

I'm contemplating building two duplexes and thought of looking into modular options due to costs and timing. Does anyone have an opinion on modular vs stick built? Any experience in the NE Florida area? I've reached out to a few manufactures but haven't had any luck getting responses just yet...typical in this market. Any input is appreciated!

Like you mentioned, modular will definitely save you on time and costs. The current lumber prices are cutting into everyone's returns right now, but the trade off is selling a more desirable home while demand is at its hottest (especially in Florida), so I think it depends more on your starting level of capital.

If you want, I can put you in touch with our LO in Florida to see if he's been seeing a major difference between the two, specifically in NE Florida.


I'm convinced that modular is similar if not better than onsite construction. I think it really comes down to timing and pricing. I've made a handful of calls the past few days but haven't heard back. I'll try again early next week to see if I can get some sort on an idea of pricing. I appreciate the responses!

I have not been able to get quotes for modular duplexes. I think I could do an onsite build for about $330k per duplex (already own the land). Each unit is just over 1500 square feet, 3/2.5/1 and should rent for $1800 a month.