Anyone Looking Into Investing In The Midwest?!

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Hello all investors! I'm a licensed agent in Kansas City. I've been having a ton of investors from more expensive markets look into Kansas City as a place to expand their investments. I'm curious what other cities and states in the Midwest are popular for you guys to invest in? In KC we have properties from $90-150k regularly renting for $1000-$1600. Are there any markets with similar return rates? I'm originally from Nebraska and also licensed there and the market is nowhere near the return rate as the KC market. I've never seen a market with this type of returns, I'm curious to see what other markets are similar. I hear about the markets in California and Colorado and can't wrap my head around how investors make a return there?! Just looking for feedback or interest. I'm always looking to expand my network and investment portfolio! 

KC is a great rental market. We achieve returns in different ways in CA-more equity, less cash flow. I hold a rental portfolio in KC and do development and a few other RE endeavors in LA. Lots of ways to make money in RE, including in expensive markets.