To List or Not to List a Property

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How much time do you want to spend on marketing?  If you have a buyer lined up you could potentially navigate the contracts.  A Realtor could save you time and might be willing to negotiate their fee with a potential for long term partnership.

If you are prepared to do some marketing or word of mouth, and navigate the contracts of selling a property, then go for it. You wont have to pay the 3-5% to the realtor, and can instead pocket that, or lower your asking price to make the offer more attractive to buyers. Although thats unheard of in some markets right now.

Some people have done better with FSBO in these markets, but most do not. It's an access and expertise thing. As a new wholesaler/flipper, there is nothing you need more than a buffer between you and buyers because you will take every criticism personally and will rebuff repair requests because you have spent the money or think it's perfect. An agent is not just a seller, they are a negotiator, a communicator, a marketer, and an expert in valuation for the current market. I would never FSBO a property. A good agent easily pays for their fee, even in a hot market because flippers notoriously shoot themselves in the foot during FSBO negotiations.

@Erika Lopez

Probably depends on your comfort level and knowledge of selling homes I have bought homes from private individuals, I hired an attorney to review the contract. I have also let opendoor appraisal my home. They gave me a competitive number, but I chose to keep the property and continue renting it.