Oklahoma City Neighborhoods and description please

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Afternoon BPers,

I am interested in getting a better understanding of OKC, specifically the different neighborhoods/area, with a description of the vibe, neighborhood pros/highlights/potential and cons, average/range of price point. Ultimately, would like to see if it is a class A, B, C,area as well. The goal is to purchase properties for long term investing.

Any one has any good sources to share? Would appreciate hearing this community's feedback.


interesting that Nichols hills is class b.  bet some of those folks would be a bit surprised by that.  lol.  also might be good to add the flood plain in del city and the area in the village to the high risk areas although maybe you are talking about higher risk of evictions or vandalism or tornados (Moore)?  I have always explained okc metro to folks as a backward C.  Most families with kids are moving somewhere in the C to get the best schools for their kids the schools in the middle of the C are not very sought after.  I can't recall the last time someone called and said "I'm looking for a house in okc schools so i can get my kid into the district".