Creative Finance for Real State.

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Should I pay U$3,500 for this Real State Seminar to learn how to use "Seller Finance" to buy properties ?

I am currently listening to a podcast in which the host sounds very knowledgeable. His most common topic is buying houses using the "Seller Financing" method. He also brings people that have taken his seminars and are actually making profit with the strategy.

No. You can learn everything you need to know if you look hard enough. I learned everything myself and bought 11 doors with seller financing, and 1 door with sub-to. The only added benefit you could pay for is learning it faster. But if you spend a few months learning it for free, you'll come up with the same education. Here are some free resources to learn from:

- Investor Mel&Dave

- Pace Morby

- Jerry Norton

- Sean Terry

You can go to Propelio Academy (google it) and create a free account. Grant Kemp has an entire course in there on this, among others in that realm. Sub2, Seller Financing, Lease Options, you name it, there's videos for it.

I'll send you the invoice for the $3,500 I just saved you. :)