Search for Investor Groups in Vancouver Island and Prince George

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Hello! I am starting my real estate investing career, saved up, and am looking to start investing somewhere in BC. I have narrowed down that I would like to invest in one of the towns along the Vancouver Island coast, between Duncan to Courtenay, as well as Langford (or a smaller municipality surrounding Victoria), Chilliwack, Prince George, or Powell River coast area. If you, or anyone you know, has real estate investing groups near these areas please let me know. I would love to join and/or chat about the area. Also any advice for locations to invest in would be greatly appreciated; I am going to BRRRR a duplex or triplex and then house-hack the renovated result. All advice is welcome and appreciated!!

There are a few people in both of those areas.  @JasonRidout knows Vancouver Island and I think he has places in PG as well.  Do a search for Parksville, Courtenay and Prince George and it will pull up recent posts.  There is another person who has a group in Nanaimo and I thought there was a group in the Comox Valley area.

The island is pricey.  You'd be looking at $500K as a starting price for a one level ranch (2 beds, 1 bath) in some of those areas.  Rent prices are also higher.  Prices in PG have also gone up, but would be less expensive (and would get less rent).  I have places on Parksville Qualicum area. @KrisBucci also had places further down island (VIctoria and Sooke).